Sunday, 30 October 2011

Finished at last

Well, the little rabbit has been mentioned once or twice, but now it is not only finished, but should arrive at it's new home shortly after raising a phantastic £30 for the RNLI in the October YDC (your donation counts) charity auctions on ebid. net. I think I have mentioned before that I like to do the cutting out bit for any sewing in bulk because it gets so messy. So when we moved a year ago (is it really that long?) I had several carrier bags with different projects ready to sew. The rabbit was one of them. The last mishap with this creature was that I lost  the front bodice piece for the nightgown. I always hoped I'd come across it eventually (and I might still do), but in the end I decided to cut a whole new nightdress and as the listing deadline for this YDC was fast approaching I spent a day doing little else apart from sewing. I am pleased with the result and hope the winner of the little grey rabbit will be too