Thursday, 9 February 2012

One of those days

I was going to write about my 2nd workshop this morning and may well do so. But true to the title I better tell you about my faux pas today. I have a nice card making cd (well, I have loads) that I decided to print some sheets from this morning. I pick up the suitable heavy paper, insert into printer, decide on what to print and press the right button. All goes well; at least that is what I thought. The second page printed shows a line across it and you'll never guess what I did: I had picked up sheets with adress labels and printed on that !!! I do try and keep things tidy (I can hear the family members snigger) but anyway the top sheet was what I wanted, and somhow the labels got into the wrong pile. So now I have some nice tartan backing paper printed on sticky labels and also a sheet of pyramage. The backing paper won't be a problem, the other will need a bit of thinking about, but I think it'll be usable.
Is there a lesson to be learned? Probably more than one.