Tuesday, 3 December 2013

I cannot believe that it is over a year since my last entry. I suppose I am just too busy making things and life in general to write about it. Have I made any crafty mistakes? I am sure I have, though there is nothing outstanding that I feel I need to share with the world. Lets talk about my most recent makes. I was given a challenge to make a football kit for a 6 months old. For such a young child I felt that knitted would be most comfortable and as there were vertical stripes involved I wanted to knit the top sideways. I am not a lover of adapting patterns, but I needed to do this here as the only sideways knitted garments i could find were jackets. And as to shorts .... In the end I used the pattern for dungarees, shortened the legs and left the bib off. The biggest problem was the v neck on the top. It's been a long time since I knitted anything for a small child, so forgot about the (proportionally) big head. I should have left an opening in the back to be closed with a button as any attached neckband made the opening too tight. In the end I knitted the neckband separately as you would often do for machine knitted garments. I will have to wait though till after Christmas to find out if I got all the measurements right. Here is the end result:

I was also asked to knit a cardi / jacket for a 2 year old. I found a really nice one knitted with loops. Now I have done this many many years ago, but could not remember how it was done. OK, the pattern does give instructions, but this was an English pattern and I knit the German way. Most of the time I can figure out how to do it 'my' way, but this time I was really stumped. In the end I had to ask our good friend Google and I found a couple of German 'How to' videos. I was very pleased with the end result, but somehow I don't think I'll be making another in a hurry. It takes soooo much yarn! 

In the summer I bought a small Origami book and was inspired to make a card for one of my nephews. He likes hunting and I wanted to add to his trophies in a small way

I think this is enough for today. I try not to leave it for so long before the next entry