Saturday, 20 February 2016

a little bit of catching up

As we are now well into the new year it is about time for me to write some more about the things I have been doing. In the autumn I visited the ExCel for a craft show. One of the stalls offered the chance to enamel a pendant. I haven't done enameling since I left school in 1970. So it was fun to see if I would get a decent result after all these years. Here is the result, and not bad if I say so myself

Now, what else have I been doing? Trying to use as much stash as possible, I started knitting. Some time ago someone mentioned a 'blankie' or comfort blanket. It didn't mean a thing to me, but when I did a search for it I found a really lovely pattern for a sheep using Aran yarn. So I ended up making 2 which went to a good home immediately. (I always have these good intentions to add something I made to my listings on eBid) Recently I came across this lovely baby yarn in a bright yellow and it just screamed 'duck blankie' at me. So I went about adaping the pattern I had and the lamb became a duck.

Looking at the lamb now, I can see a monkey. Where is that brown chunky wool?