Sunday, 18 October 2015

blood, sweat, but no tears

My latest project, finished yesterday, is this basket. Not much to look at, but here is the history: About 4 years ago I started having vegetables delivered weekly. (most weeks, anyway) They come in a box tied with two pieces of string/ cotton twine. So I started to collect them as 'might come in useful' . As the ball grew, I was thinking what it could be used for. I had a go at knitting and crochet, but found it too tedious as they were comparatively short length. Then I thought Kumihimo and it worked. It was quite easy to join the pieces while working and the cord produced was nice and firm. After 7+ meters I had enough of doing that and finished it off, rolled it up and put it to one side. Well, what to do with it now? At first I thought soles for slippers, then a bag maybe, and then I saw storage baskets somewhere and I decided that is what I will do. I had enough string left for doing the sewing and it took me 3 days and a sore finger and thumb to sew it together. Kumihimo cord is really very dense and it was virtually impossible to push the needle through the cord. It had to go between the layers. A thimble would have been very useful (this is where the blood comes in) but I haven't got one -yet. The finished basket measures 8½ cm Ø at the base and 11 cm Ø at the top. So there you are - a basket made from pieces of string