Sunday, 2 August 2015

My first 'real' quilt

Well, we are now in August and I had a 3 week holiday visiting my family in Germany and also travelling from there through France to Jersey. Although the drive was very hot it was interesting as we took a route on smaller roads avoiding the roads you have to pay for using. Since coming home I have lacked the inclination to make anything until last week I made a patchwork quilt, almost 80 cm square. The first really big item since starting on this road (it really is addictive) The coloured fabric is from a sample book which I had for years and the pieces were never quite big enough. Well, it worked for this and I still have some left. I admit to being scared when it came to putting the layers together and I know this is far from perfect, but the experience was a good one and I am willing to try again. Now I would like some suggestions of what to do with it. It could be used as a pram quilt, but I don't know any pram users. So please post your ideas. I'd be grateful.