Thursday, 9 April 2015

Once upon a time there was a shirt....

or three to be precise. Cuffs and collars were a little worn, but the rest was still very good. Lovely cotton (and a pain to iron) but the owner had lost too much weight to wear them. I spent some time thinking about various ways to do something with them and one night, just before dropping off to sleep it came to me - cushion covers. Nothing too difficult, so here are the pictures

The very easy one made from squares and turning the stripes

 The back is just a large square cut from the front of the shirt which gives me the perfect closure for the cover

This was a bit more difficult and time consuming, but still fun to make


Again the front of the shirt is the back. This time with a pocket. A place to hide the TV control?

Number three was the one that didn't go quite as planned. I guess I got careless and made a wrong cut. So this has an extra seam that shouldn't be there, but unless you are looking for it or are an experienced patchworker, I don't think it is that obvious. I have used pieces from all three shirts and a few scraps from a dress I have just made

Again a pocket on the back. Hide the chocolate maybe?

There is still most of the front of the shirt left plus bits and pieces from the other two, so maybe in the future there will be cushion number 4

While I have been upcycling, I turned another pair of jeans into a bag. These were rather large (42" wast, I think) so I unpicked the waistband, added pleats to the main part before attaching the shortened band agin and rounded the corners. This is a very large bag and I am still undecided if I am going to sell it on ebid or keep it myself. But do I need another bag? probably not.......