Friday, 20 January 2012

OK, folks, we are now nearing the end of January 2012 and I feel I should write a bit more often. At least once a month....but don't hold your breath.
Anyway, every January I spend a day at the craft show at Sandown, and although this was planned for today I went yesterday. As usual I spend most of the time doing workshops. In fact I sat in the same spot from 12 - 4, just changing instructors. I had Fabric Flower Centrepiece, Power and Passion, Knit a beaded bracelet and beadwork on canvas. And because I have it finished and photographed I'll talk a bit about the knitted bracelet. I have always been interested in knitting with beads and although I have seen a number of written instructions I have never tried it. So here was an opportunity to see it demonstrated and do it myself. And it is sooo easy. It takes time to string the beads onto the yarn, but if you know how it's not difficult. I ended up unravelling mine once, because I could have done with smaller needles, but making a special effort to knit tighter  the finished product is very nice. If you knit too loosly, the beads will slip through the loops and not sit on the back of the work as they are supposed to. That I learned very soon and I am pleased to say was the only thing that caused me any problems.
So here is the photo, though I may try to take one without the arm at a later date