Sunday, 15 March 2015

Where has the time gone? It's almost a year since I last wrote. So below are photos of some of my projects. The first 3 are Kumihimo braids: 1) bracelet I made in a workshop 2) a necklace where I used different thickness for cord, and 3) my first attempt at using beads as well. Since then I have have acquired a couple of books which give more variations and I have made a couple  that have not been photographed as yet


 This (below) was yarn from a knitting magazine, but the project didn't appeal to me so made this little purse. The other side has the colours in reverse.

This glass suncatcher is a workshop result. Now I really enjoyed this and had to control myself not to buy the tools and materials. But I really haven't got space for more stuff or the time to use it. If another workshop comes my way I may well do it again. It was fun

Below I have 2 teddies that I knitted. Pierre, the second one, was a cover kit for a knitting magazine and was auctioned on for charity (YDC) and Arthur was a pattern I found in a copy of Woman's Weekly which I found when tidying. Arthur went to Italy and if all has gone to plan he is now in Columbia. What I love about both of these, they can stand alone


Next is a piece of bobbin lace. I made this during my last 2 visits to Germany. The design for this candle holder included a little class dish and a tealight, but I decided to use a fake, battery light. Much safer

My sister has taken up weaving and also offers a course at her local church. During my last visit in January she asked if I wanted to have a go. Well, I did do some weaving while in school (a rather long time ago) and loved it, so I said : Yes please. Below is the result. It took me parts of 3 days and although the thought was to make a scarf, it is now a runner to protect my sideboard

Now to my first proper attempt at patchwork. I did give it away as a present and there are days when I wish I didn't. I used fabric samples from a Sanderson sample book, so the colours / patterns match perfectly. I followed instruction on a DVD (Jenny Rayment's Texture into Sudoku) I loved the 3 D effect even if there was a fair amount of hand sewing

That will do for today. I am currently using some fancy knitting yarn for Kumihimo braid and promise to post when finished. I also have a MacrameƩ kit with DVD to work with. So watch this space. I will try very hard not to make this just an annual blog

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