Monday, 29 August 2011

teaching lace making

Well, I am currently on holiday and my sister has requested that I show here how to use some lace bobbins she was given. Here I have to say that 1st: I am a lousy teacher, and 2nd: I haven't touched my lacemaking stuff for ages. It didn't start very well, because I had forgotten how to start. We wound the bobbins (that was the easy bit) and then I had to think. In the end I tried a couple of ways and my sister grasped the basic technique very quickly. But looking at the work after a bit I could see that I had forgotten something. So everything was ripped apart and I slept on it. And just before dropping off, I remembered what I was doing wrong. (Does anyone else have such illuminating thoughts before going to sleep?) So I could show her the next day what we had been missing and things progressed nicely. I can now say that I am very pleased she has bought herself a beginners book, which will be of far greater benefit than my so called tuition.
Next week I am going home and I will do my best to complete the rabbit. I might try and offer it in the September YDC auctions. And of course there is my heirloom lace waiting to be completed. It's been waiting a few years....

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