Sunday, 17 April 2011

Blood, Sweat, and almost tears

Right, this is about sewing 2 bags to be sold on One was made from two cushion panaels
and the other is a patchwork one (I believe it's called a log cabin pattern) 
There is a bit of a story attached to the patchwork. I saw and purchased an unfinished patchwork quilt. (why I buy other peoples unfinished work, I don't know, as I have several of my own) The panels were made and some were joined together with what I think was the wrong fabric - far too light. Also the blocks weren't always caught with the sewing. I got rid of the joining fabric and stitched the seams that were missed by hand. And then they sat there. Last month someone requested a laundry bag to be listed in the monthly YDC charity auctions on ebid (more on that another day) so I thought about these squares and an afternoon's sewing produced this
but I was left with 2 squares. So the idea of a bag came into my head. Use the 2 suqares, a strip of plain for the sides and handles, plain lining - done. Well, this is where the blood and sweat come in. I pricked myself on numerous occasion and got a scratch from the sewing machine needle (blood) The sweat was from the frustration as the thread kept on breaking and there were moments when I felt like throwing it all into the bin. A job that could have been done in an afternoon took the best part of two days. If I had shed any tears, they would have been due to frustration. As my friends on the ebid forums were very helpful and supportive, I will list this bag in the YDC starting on the 24.4.11 in aid of Save the children. The other will hopefully raise some money for St. Raphael's hospice.

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